Revolution or Catastrophe

By | 1 November 2019

I told myself
/ catastrophe /
is a revolution too
a sudden turn or overturning
more like for whom
more like what are the outcomes too

I will write it down then
call it revolution or catastrophe
call upon the dead
to stand by me
conjure what methods
I have / they are reading
sinewed love and hate
through riving impermanence
and dread through beauty thriving
of the unwritten chapters ahead
when we all will have become
dead authors gathered around
flames of no writing

And with what great fear I inhabit
the idea of what is to-come
what wrecks await / us there
I must get away / from here
unscrew the caps from the condiments
take the door off the fridge and heave it outside
invite what remain of the animals in
to look and lick and linger alone
in halls and rooms we long will not have been
living in anymore gazing back at
what will then be as Hadean times
when the something not us looks back
not reading any record we left behind

We will have done this some time / I will be saying
there is no accounting for it and some people
/ the measureless breath /
of some people and some who are not people but
on the very edge of measurement
animal or plant thought cascading
we will have done this one day / imperfect
when there are no more people / we
will have said all we have to say / perfect
our futures / perfect
I love you bees / thought of the heart
I hate you pesticide company / pessimism of the will
I’d take a future imperfect still
take it even imperfectly
revolution or catastrophe
oscillating and wild

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