Ian Gibbins


Relaxed, way out to sea, way out of my depth, unable to touch bottom, reef, bullkelp, urchin spine, I tread water, monitor backwash and rip, listen for dolphin jump, osprey, gulls in pairs, catch Southern Ocean surge, with neither compass …

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ants: again / thousands (pavementcracks). milling: triplefile / blind. Originals? Bios? mistakecheck: scrapdrop / nestpilfer / navigationmapswitch. Virts? gaitperfect: spacing (Fibonacci). Turings? translationcircuits: facialrecognition / 100% / insidious. childhood: insectswarm / stormbrew / electricroil / ozonebraze. nowaday: isobargradients (coincident). lives: …

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Light Thief

CodeBlockID: LightThief; /alias=BlackBox; /loc=?; /act=?; /run=true; DeviceLog: _VisPort01: PhotoScabard/stat=on /arm; _VisPort02: SpectraTrap/stat=on /arm; _VisPort03: QuLock/stat=on /arm; DataStream_SoundList: _HeadQuote01: <<Every photon is precious>> /src=SciMag@2016-03-11,l=8; _BaseQuote01: <<Light only goes where time is least>> /src=QED@FeynmanRP-1985,p=45; CrossCheck: waste=true /cess {/@re /@ex}; ServeVox01: /see /plain_night; …

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Review Short: Ian Gibbins’s and Judy Morris’s Floribunda

How far we are from the radical days of realism. Prior to Adorno’s dismantling of Lukacs and the Stalinist led state institutionalisation of it, realism may have laid claim to being an innovative aesthetic with agreeably progressive political inclinations.

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Please allow a few (or quite a few) moments for this film to load. Vimeo buffers at varying rates depending on where you are on Earth and when accessed. It is WELL worth the wait.

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Rebecca Giggs Peers into The Microscope Project

In 2012 Flinders University decommissioned a set of powerful microscopes. Technologies long since surpassed, ETEC, JEOL, LEITZ and the VANOX ‘twins’ (scanning electron and fluorescence scopes) had been marked for scrap; their manuals, notes and schematics boxed for collection.

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Synaptic Organisation (1998)

1. Unexposed our final site of integration trees, the size of which this idea, previous, rare aggregated around, closely associated, at odds with raise the question, regardless only random, the other hand directly, unambiguously our differences, clear, final 2. Processing …

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Twelve Sights of the Sea

{sea-anemone} barely inside and out, the rippling enfoldment that adheres to your nerve-tips, that draws you further away, abandons any comfortable reassurance {sea-breeze} through your voice, strained to breakpoint, hastily called upon, past your lips, parched, cracking into bloodlines, blisters …

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Conference Leave

All blank, all white, inhaling jellyfish, coughing up thylacines, my best intentions entangle, disentangle, bleach to silicon dust. Scrubbed to translucency, my equilibrium fails, both scabby knees bleed. Below the exit sign, you sit, head in hands, ringlets loose across …

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>> this message could not be delivered because it was sent before it was received << POPmail born a day apart we are here today, yesterday but we are counting and the telephone rings and we stop, on time, today …

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Waiting for the Big One, West LA, 1982

We never did understand how that old pair of shoes ended up in the bathroom; neither could we fathom how our bed dropped like a rock, moments before sunrise; and, although we knew perfectly well why the moon turned red …

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Electronica Spoken Word Mix

[audio:http://cordite.org.au/audio/Yes-I-Dream-Of-Electric-Sheep.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Collyer-_Redmond_I-do-want-it.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/McCooey_CollectiveHypnosis.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Burton-Trouble-Shooter.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Whelan_DreamMachines.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/bio_komninos.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Pravda_WeAreHere.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/The-Fire-That-Baba-Threw.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Crixus_TheNeedFeed.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/moss_myautopsy.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Jackson_Gathering.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Recipes-for-the-Disaster.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/05-My-Old-Amish-Grampa.mp3,http://cordite.org.au/audio/Gibbins_the_simple_life.mp3|titles=Yes I Dream of Electric Sheep,I do want it,Collective Hypnosis,Trouble Shooter,Dream Machines,bio,We Are Here,The Fire That Baba Threw,The Need Feed,My Autopsy,Gathering the Pieces of Your Shattered Palace,Recipes for the Disaster,My Old Amish Grampa,The Simple Life|artists=Philip Norton,Emilie Collyer & Tim Redmond,David …

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The Simple Life

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