Gareth Jenkins

The everywhere anywhere

It’s about a bath in an old factory beside a marina on the outskirts of the everywhere anywhere. It’s about a concrete underpass and the torque of a small engine. It’s about the right eye and a radical-pair reunion. Electromagnetic …

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There’ll Always Be Music

On our first date she gets fired for selling me half price drinks. She throws the beer in her boss’ face and walks. ‘How am I going to pay my rent? I don’t care anyway he’s lucky I didn’t knife …

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Time Machines

1. In the aching light. I stand for a long time thinking how small your hand. 2. Of another I had held at some previous time, though it was nothing I could put my tongue to. 3. My personality at …

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Electronica Spoken Word Mix

[audio:,,,,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Yes I Dream of Electric Sheep,I do want it,Collective Hypnosis,Trouble Shooter,Dream Machines,bio,We Are Here,The Fire That Baba Threw,The Need Feed,My Autopsy,Gathering the Pieces of Your Shattered Palace,Recipes for the Disaster,My Old Amish Grampa,The Simple Life|artists=Philip Norton,Emilie Collyer & Tim Redmond,David …

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Recipes for the Disaster

[audio:|titles=Recipes for the Disaster – Gareth Jenkins] Recipes for the Disaster (17:35) Written and produced by Gareth Jenkins

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Owen is my gunkMother. I'm his baby. By the end I always feel dead.

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A Void in the Windscreaming

I mean: It is the impact of speaking to you again, now you are dead.

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