All the Birds Between Us

By and | 1 August 2014

What happens when birds fall?
Do birds always fall?

a broken jet wing
fills the river-flat

What if a bird
fell between us?

let it be swift
old cat
How many birds would it take to spin a cyclone?
Can bird bones blow wind into my lungs?

bone and quill
straighten, lungs
burst, ears
scream, tail
rudders, wings

I define
death for one fish

What if I could taste
your breath between us?


Do birds ever get sick of air?
Do all birds like the colour blue?
down, down,
down feather, down
down in flames
flaming down
flamin’ go down
flamingo down
down dance
brolga dance
starling flocks
n ations

Are birds’ mouths
too small for us?

that cuckoo will swoop my last bubble

Is the first joint of my little finger a vulture delicacy?
What would if feel like to break a bone with a beak?

water streams
air rushes
I accelerate
with my catch
to the sun
and the height and
the flock
all around

Would you claw away
the blood between us

I hear the fish in my gullet

Can beaks be soft?
Would you recognise a smiling bird?

tiny bird
insects at sunset
a Möbius loop

Will you ever wash your side
of the glass between us?

cit︢ sis︢ sic︢ ran nar︣ cis︣ sis︣ tic

What would life sound like from inside an egg?
Would there be more swans if kicked-chicks lived?

mother duck coo Ɵ

water Ơ – tap tap tap Ƹ

mother duck calls from the pond

we launch ҈
into air

into water


are we dabblers or divers?

Will you stand there
till the air is cold between us?

kookaburra’s chest

How many feathers make a bird?
How many feathers do you have?

the balance between the
the rise on the
the dip on the
the warp and weft of the
the scents on the
the sounds of the
the spray of the
the shades of the
the feel of the
the hunger in the
the love of the
and the joy of the

Are there feathers
between us?

what does she see in him?

Are you a bird?
If you could be a new kind of bird, what would you look like?




htom a◊a moth

htom-regit a◊a tiger-moth

htom-regit wolley a◊a yellow tiger-moth

htom-regit wolley thgirb a◊a bright yellow tiger-moth

htom-regit wolley thgirb◊bright yellow tiger-moth

htom wolley thgirb◊bright yellow moth

regit wolley thgirb◊bright yellow tiger

wolley thgirb◊bright yellow







How will birds end?

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