By and | 1 August 2014
toward weather shifts
this ligature

flowers harden into radical act
eastern salve escorts to black

choice rinse tertial arrangement
in rebellion nominally

spills (dawn) across
to stoke, its very cloth figures

the hemisphere pulls close
the coast in declension

the bird who ekes it out, school air, tonight oar-thick, chiggers lost through grid, the green cools down, everything visual can still happen, after Kathleen's bright papers start, pleat to peruse

macadam wholesale, durable kiss, the moil helms the dreamer, mammal- urgent you for scallop song, in all whittled inflammation around vegetal interview with animals always taking the brunt
enough mineral fact, garden into a season, the illustration amasses lettuce, choir little electrical smear over apple harvest patient as hip shot through with gold alights particular declension: disaster supports the body (Brian) so sufficient difference is succulent, spondee

the body its interstice a macadam illness narrows light into root sheds its particular tenet a characteristic : recur contingencies in ink

summer tuned machine of photograph pursues sun an array of thought into view a copse discontinuous branches of efts assist radiance sermon scraps grid of light late the hymn the rosaried weather

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