By and | 1 August 2014

Finally, a pinkish glow crept in
The sky merited all the love it had received
That day, all the walking
Colors as they darkened and were lit

As down a cloudy highway we ambled
In direst harmony, evening’s next of kin
Under flocks of color learned
That blue is fatal, a note with slow vibrato

There is a city with no color in it
Just a long expanse of trees and hollows
When one has stayed in it, one knows
The paintings flow up to its edges

A gray horizon and glimmering
Molecules within it we glimpsed
All colors are all other colors
When bitten by the teeth of feeling

The day was an accumulation of fears
Caresses in the past cannot be changed
Now a girl flings out reddish laughter
An overage of yellow casts out eyes

Paintings welcome source and target
I caught the accent of her hair
But to make its document sallow music
All sentences must read like wine labels

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