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Miyata protects the village

another blood splatters on the pebbledashing
an abrupt and to the cowards
scrolling through his phone optics
you cannot use this death
in your new advertising campaign
black stool water
chants the voices of the Congo
helicopterred, interred
with cherry blossom
“now peace has come to our land”
because of Miyati’s swordsmanship
as only a dominance of force so complete
that is endangers overflowing
can bring love to these odorous

Miyata encounters the 15 vexations

1. the persistence of the stain after the fact
2. abandoned in the face of an undefined duty
3. loosed footing amongst the chatter.
4. Presently, the earth offers no cloistered respite,
5. no cessation nor no practical form.
6. Try the unrequited love of all landscapes
7. or bismuth subsalicylate.
8. A survey of the variants
9. preoccupied in the popular imagination.
10. Of course, in this instance, for this is the season.
11. Broke out
12. because of what was brought to it,
13. the sheer excess of office supplies
14. another line of work
15. his.

Miyata brings mercy to the crippled

a sound of jug from the jugband
air the sword whistles splits
Miyati is eeling the foolish into bits
donning a cloak of wound cleansing maggots
& with larvae bore electric
chasing screen to throat
a high pitch battle wool
& then weeps
having chopped epileptics
into rope dust
before he even realised
sipping divine caviar he plans to
be less direct & kill illegally
from now on

Miyata clocks in

How hunky he
looks over lunch.
The span
of Mickey’s hands, demarcation
of the hour. Almost over
he joins us, making mega-boss
deals on the Far East. The curt
Miyata, stock drift on an ocean
of aqua battle wool. Bunched in
and alert to the sensation of shrinkage.
Retained in wads
now sledding on through a
mountain range.

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