S J Fowler

No limit to the resources

no limit to the resources I can draw together to make my neman arch mausoleum ossuary the bird fly put paid to economy and now burning torches sit comforted atop pyramids of the human skull which are so full of …

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You must treat the days respectfully Emerson {for Damir & Maja} & it is I with Ernst Cassirer & I in the sands drawing bow across fish sweats & it is I’s month it is Shark month the mouth of …

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In Collaboration

‘We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.’ – Orson Welles First and foremost, my collaborations are a record of friendships. …

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Miyata protects the village another blood splatters on the pebbledashing an abrupt and to the cowards scrolling through his phone optics publicly you cannot use this death in your new advertising campaign black stool water chants the voices of the …

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40 Feet

ten minutes having Everything again asleep in the chair let’s think of this being at the cough edge of space in the grand tradition of double acts you and I Steven something many would not even call pornography & soaked …

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The roughneck didn’t care who’s oil it was he just hated the midnight sun. The toolpusher hated the sea, and the drill went down regardless, as the ocean never met the sun. & at this break in the tail oil, …

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1000 proverbs

A Canadian pharmacy is never understocked. A horse cannot join the mounted police. A flap of skin need not always be sewn. A stitch in time saves an otter’s pocket. A clown’s pocket is full of tricks. Never offer to …

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la dominate

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