By | 1 August 2014

(porcelain erasure, after Cynthia Cruz)

A Califormia of snow

Of illness. I throned myself in the white

Noise of its silence and watched the world

Fell away. All the silver flickerings of possibility

Going out like the sound of

Clicking into the distance. It is almost

The end. Anesthesia of medicine and me,

Beneath its warm bell of milk. My

Microscopic: a locked window overlooking the

Sea. An atlas of the disaster: an un-lit hall and

A shift in the waves

Porcelain. Michelle, my little sister, silent

A weed. I took all the things I loved and

Smashed them one by one

Note: An erasure of Cynthia Cruz’s poem ‘January’, from Ruin (Alice James Books, 2006).

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