Lunch Poem, University Square

By | 1 June 2014

When I say I have a tree for lunch
I mean I sit under it & eat something
I assembled from bits of a supermarket. Uni students
pass by, pointing out the sun, which they
have been learning about. Today’s half-moon
could almost be a cloud offcut. So much for
that window called the heavens; let’s talk
about the footy, how it’s most
exciting when (cloud-like) it begins to look
like other things & you forget
whether it’s warlike or erotic.

Look, there’s a guy on one of those
free bikes, wearing a helmet, but
without a strap, riding through
the ‘no bikes’ park! Everyone needs
a hero. Maybe he’s a student & this is
his public art performance assignment—
nah, would never’ve got past
ethics! More students appear to be
pointing at the sun; there must be
something special about it today.
Maybe loose-helmet guy’s playing
Icarus? So where’s Daedalus & his maze?

The campus looms, fenced by trees;
cranes stand over it like bored fishermen. But
where’s the water? What’s happened to Icarus?

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