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Richmond hotties are hotter than other kinds of hotties but harder
\ to find (trobar trouver)
They may not even be hot at all
There is a man with a bag of tripe.
I wonder is he thinking ‘Tripe Shantey?’

The hands give it away a little bit
The hands give it away every time
The hands give away nothing (prokoffief sneaky bitch!

Last night I was t the pub with five people I wanted to fuck at some
Time &
Last night I wanted to fuck them all last night! Hiho &

Gorgeois Karen (Black) we called her ‘Death Bags Murphy’
Death bags Nasty. Death bags goes to Hollywood
\ as shae did
Which is this poem except that the real we
Sit in Richmond over late lunch for breakfast (for which we fight the supper-fly)
Judge the faccions of others with a less than sporting eye
Laugh rippishly – you know – ‘the flickering little victory’
O my bonton bébé be my little
Cobra in a box?

Vida: Nora Pike was married to a Victorian Lord, and spent much time at court in
‘Melbournen’ [which means at once ‘everywhere a swamp’ and ‘Triggertown’]. Though
she references others in her songs she seems to have been the only trobairitz of this
place, and so she seems to have believed whatever pleased her. She made and sang many
fine sirventes and canso, was red in the fur and was oftent’ called ‘the
greatest of gingers.’

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