bailiwick 4 & 5

By | 1 August 2014

from bailiwick \ BAY-luh-wik \ , noun


He took his homeward way outside the park and how
to conjure up a picture for instance of a town without
allowance must be made for those who, without
once, presumably, this quadrangle with its smooth lawns
true, what he felt was no more than a longing
but, said his father stopping in front of the drawing
there are many causes for a suicide, and generally the most
notice, for instance, on the back wall above his head
men and women consume one another rapidly in what
his father told him that story his father looked
it swayed, minute after minute, hither and thither among
what she thought about those people, about herself, about life
at forty, worn down by the strains and stresses of
this led me to remember what I could
I have never seen anyone die for the ontological
town itself, let us admit, is ugly.


Anyhow, now they had to get out whether
the technician tapped his wrist pointed to his mouth
he stood a good chance of being drafted and even
you’ll die when you hear well you know when
it’s worth thinking about and out in California
all of a sudden he was alive again my friend
picked wrong on that United States Civil War picture
he had more success with him than with himself
the great gleaming sky of Los Angeles as bright as if
obviously he had shown up to holiday-greet a relative resurrection
wind in the bamboo rustled on although dead and in
himself he thought she died as she lived
and then there was another I remember of a girl
beaming Fiddler on the Roof down at me with its psychotronic
meters began to register and the mechanism hummed where am I
into the boom mike Jason said smoothly keep all those

Each poem in this sequence is a collage of a personal library of an anonymous micro-tech worker
on’s Mechanical Turk site. I only know them by their handles — in this case
AWFOG7VQH39H9 and A1GV0PBEWEEGIL, respectively.

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