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“collaboration does not yield”
“as deviant as it is circuitous”
”you wander off”
“curve your thinking to each other’s”
“ideas without getting”
“manipulate them like phenomena”
“secretively…she conjures”
“the private oasis where”
“needing to adjust”
quotients of form
“the enfleshed”
“made plastic”
“by shifting illusions”
“the ecstatic violence”
“a tremor of anticipation”
“the music is written”
“lustres and scars”
“my printed text floats”
“of 35 minutes, converse duration”
“the unwritten so far in the background”
“our fledgling ellipse”
“nurture and destruction”
“(but) I did not create…vacuum”

Acknowledgement: The lines in Paraphrastic have their origin in my article
‘Radieuses Ellipses’, published in mouvement: l’indisciplinaire des arts
vivants 36-37 sept-decembre 2005
. The article was commissioned by Chief
Editor, David Sanson. Its subject is my collaboration with composer Liza Lim
on Mother Tongue, a piece for soprano and fifteen instruments, which
premiered at the Festival d’Automne, Paris, 2005. Liza commissioned me to write
the poetic text for the work.

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