Sonnet8 – “He sits awhile, then off he goes”

By and | 1 August 2014

Whale-like arthritis companies: the bunny gets it in my whalespace. Titlewow, her beauty works at stalling. Her maladies were reborn in ice cream. Her hair has been scripted in the new hydrogen economy. Listening to his scorpion groove, her beauty resides in a palace of quotes. The most beautiful lines so far in Kessler’s journals: Weimar, August 27, 1903. Thursday. … We drank milk in the inn next to the Belvedere, where Hofmannsthal ate, for the third or fourth time today, raw ham. … Weimar, August 29, 1903. Saturday. Hofmannsthal continues to be sick and eat ham, indeed to eat a disturbingly large amount of ham. What is wrong with me? I laughed til I was wheezing, Anne. John, that is hilarious! Oh god, when beauty rhymes with ham. It’s all upright pianos, halfhouse plans, vortigaunts. Veiness vanishes. Various roadblocks set up by police. Let me sew until my fingers turn Singer pink. My surgeon is planning on removing 800gr. of low rumble at just that point. Obviously this is similar to the garden hose analogy, which is why anti-aging plastic surgery lights up in beautiful blue light. And that, in my humble opinion, is a good old fashioned kettle that won’t waste our time.


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