Folio #14

By | 1 December 2011

without names or any other proper geographic indications

August 30, 2009


a nation into a skein

contours and names / her labored exactitudes

She elaborated on a / far more complex him / hymn

reckless                       gestural

She is bright and agitated / in her execution / greyed down

1961-1963 / signature affixed / a rare explicit indication / her

a monumentality self-summarized

He increas ed her / rhetorical range / Bitterness underlined in yellow

Their home was / quasi-narrative

She appeared in hinged sections to him / diagrammatic instructions

He was a series of mechanical / indices

The body as lithography / unprecedented

encas ed constructions

a newly acquired beach / waves in sheets of translucent plastic material

active and often / the last of them heavily

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