Tricia Dearborn

Tricia Dearborn’s poetry has been widely published in Australian literary journals, as well as in the UK, the US, Ireland and New Zealand. Her work is represented in anthologies including Contemporary Australian Poetry, Australian Poetry since 1788 and The Best Australian Poems. She is on the editorial board of Plumwood Mountain, an online journal of ecopoetry. Her third full-length collection, Autobiochemistry, completed with the support of an Australia Council grant and a Varuna Residential Fellowship, is forthcoming from UWA Publishing in 2019.

Everything including the obvious

for Cynthia how can I describe you, my surprise, my unpredictable your mind encompasses multitudes while I am down on my knees squinting at the particular your brain works sideways like a crab but in every direction at once on …

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[20] Calcium

A flask is laid on the electronic scale and tared to zero. I start with a small job lot, topped up with smaller and smaller increments. Index finger gently taps the silver spatula’s side, loosing a miniature sheet of fine …

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Phlegm: a love poem

I’m reading Maggie Nelson occasionally stopping to cough up phlegm in some indeterminate post-fever stage of the flu she’s living on a canal with a junkie boyfriend or that’s how I read it the poems might as well be called …

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Eat My Secrets

peculiar hunger

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Schlieren Lines

imagine you pour a stream of sugar solution into a beaker of water, or pee into a bathtub you see the twining translucent trails as each solution curls around the other, prior to their coalescence? these are schlieren lines my …

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