Family mathematics

By | 1 August 2021

But now the huge trick: continued fractions allow you
to go on forever, with infinite nesting, just as we allow
infinite decimals to go on forever.
— Marty Ross

i. Nest

if you’re talking children
and ordinals
I was 1st

if you’re talking
children and fractions
1 in 4

if you look just at girls
it was 1 in 2

if each unit in a family
is given equal value
1 in 6

not that we were

reality was rationed out
to the powerful

which generates complex equations
hides the damage

in a family of 6, what is the ratio
of care to distance
knowledge to silence

the longer you follow the pattern
the closer you get

to the secrets
nested in secrets

lies nested in lies
nested in lies

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