Family mathematics

By | 1 August 2021

iii. Infinity

one way to formulate
the irrational

what the mind can’t grasp

is to find the pattern that fits
and follow it

at a certain point
mark three small dots

which means:
go on to infinity

• • •

what the mind can’t grasp
the body remembers

the patterns memory lays down
accrete, reveal themselves

as irrational fears
inexplicable aversions

the body so persistent
in its associations

leaping at a sound
the real-time brain has already recognised

like the lag of thunder
post lightning flash

as though the sound has travelled
back in time

to set off the old alarm
the house you grew up in

may have been sold
twenty times over

the room where your small bed stood
may now hold a 75-inch TV

or a snooker table
or have been demolished

but still you cannot convince
the child you were

that the person entering the darkened bedroom
is your wife

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