val plays rogue

By | 13 May 2024

i want you
middle of the stage
forever. val! never
another email ever.
i mean it!
it’s an insult to your
fingers. val! climbing
up this sound with
one hand
while the other sips
a beer. val
i swear on that sax
no more dates
where i talk crypto.
tonight cures me!
don’t crouch!
i mean it!
call all the babies
to your side
on their singing mothers.
i want all the lyrics
my favourite!
give me a deluge,
an indulgement
of women.
thank god it’s sunday.
thank god i’ve known
so i could know
this total opposite!
you are merciless
with this astonishing
river! val!
wrangle us!
forge across!
i cry while smiling!
one of your little sheep!
spark the torch
o holy cowboy
o val!
you burn the badge
of every apology
you have ever given.

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