The time traveler promises it all

By | 13 May 2024

If there is still a future then we are a part of it.
And there we choose names that follow our feelings: I say
nice to meet you, I’m Yearning, and you say hi Yearning
I’m Hopeful. All creatures do this, as we are only creatures too.
The tetchy magpie, the hurried ants, the curious ibis.
In the future language is a park we spend the day in.
When we find ourselves in silence, the future grows new
words to help us, words for how the back of your hand feels
and words for the look between us when last drink
becomes second-last and then third-last. In the future
we are reunited with the opportunities we passed up
which tilt their head to the sun and say go on then.
In the future we dress the city in mirrors and run
a small but efficient economy of glances. In the future
we’ve invented ways of measuring days that feel like minutes,
ways of touching that feel like a good year. I know we’ve earnt this
because I lived it. Just wait, we are a part of it.

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