Launch Title Affirmations

By | 1 September 2023

After reviews of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Arthur Gies, Peter Brown, Jose Otero and Jason Schreier.

I am almost overwhelming right from the start.
I have enough holes to instill a real sense of mystery.
I am a pillar of smoke above palm trees in the distance.
I am both a return to form and a leap into uncharted territory.
I am an oyster full of really angry monsters and ancient death machines.
I am a little more loose and a little more immediately rewarding.
I am under-equipped for the space you’re in.
I am the implied promise that if you can see it out in the distance, chances are you can eventually reach it.
I am the time lost getting back to where you were.
I am full of emergent opportunities to push your basic understanding of the world and its rules.
I am probably going to die a lot, honestly. Often without much warning.
I am empowering special abilities that will improve your chances to survive.
I am playful piano melodies and ambient sounds of wildlife.
I am an unintentional effect of the game’s code.
I am a frequently stunning, consistently striking visual achievement.
I am walking toward one goal only to see something enticing in the distance.
I am huge, but never empty. I am vast, but never random.
I am a disastrous, society-ending war.
I am triggering bliss and excitement in equal measure.
I am awash in wonderment and perhaps guilt for living a life steeped in modern indulgences.
I am constantly learning in the face of unforeseen challenges.
I have meant to represent a grander topography.
I am thrown completely open to you.

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