Sister Swan

By | 13 May 2024

sister told us 2 go stake out the bunning bins if we ever needed freebies
when she feels lucky she loves a good dip in an open skip

she says it’s our inner city’s untapped treasure chest
a blessed spot with its own subterranean network

watch from the street
keep ur head down take a deep breath then

cross tha road
(mind that ute)

make beeline to the seedlings
sister says swan plants r priceless they’ll soon ladder U up to the stars

think gestating fly babies
think gestating gold glowing chrysalis resolve

if a waspy pest narrows their eyes at u tell em to fuk off

where u see treasures they sees trash where u see chance they sees crime (but
they won’t report u no they already got their honey hit on a silver spoon)

no rest for the wicked

sister says stop
sister says focus
(before the big bang this bb held the universe in da palm of her hand)


go light up the heavens till the kererū drop out
rain on our skin til our butterflies break free
dance on our graves cos yr lit lil genies

we glow brighter & stronger every day (we’re up 2 our necks in it)

high lil souls aren’t we?

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