By | 1 February 2017

u better not read from yr notebook naina says else he’ll know we sent u then she sends me to find out his prices across the road the place next door to govindas where the hare krishnas is standin outside lookin gloomy she noticed cos jay’s stealin their customers away & dem hare krishnas is nearly always smilin everyday but not today not like jay naina says he won the lotto & he already set up 2 shopz next door and that was 2 years ago & she dont like his way of the business his cock in a goldmine fresh bread n icecream and now this other one exactly like hers but wit the cheap specials open til 2 & who’d wanna stay open til 2 in the morning? who’d wanna work til then? she says there was a cafe there before wit high (how can it not be blessed) saintly ceilings cheerin on the chariots like how ya do from dem heights so arvind has to be extra nice down here to customers smiling more than ever true from da teeth like how he does in his photo wit da beauty priyanka chopra the time she visited their restaurant the time she was makin her movie (naina says it’s beyond her daily dignity to work for tv serials) so arvind is chirpier i mean he has to be and even when customers might interrupt his account-makin league-watchin serial-smoochin business he dont scowl no more makin him a new man goin the extra mile in a fragile livelihood & i get paid in masala chai and rainbow baafi it tessellates rays n shades all over the pitt street intersection makin a bridge to jay the angel of sneaky student specials and as i cross i catch a lost friend in instant regret and lost sleep on her way to govinda’s but all i can do is not forget what naina tells me how much is your pani puri? how much is your pav bhaji? how much is your sev puri?


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