By | 1 February 2017

I am a simple gesture to repeat, a flow. I am a phrase
I never know when to say, for example, “la grapefruit.”
I am a slideshow, I remember thanks, have a nice day,
and that’s a good song, and I need some focus, honey!
My bio insists infinite sleep is my best self and
my best horizon. In a world of shadows lapping,
nowhere to go and minimal technical support,
my dreams are, for some, on terror watch-lists.
Death is a cartoon in my head. If I were near
an aquatic centre, I’d float on ‘the surface of things.’
It’s time to raise the stakes: I thought I was a knife.
I want to swim forward across the day like a shark.


“Self portrait” 1
“Self portrait” 2
“Self portrait” 3

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