ngā tuna o opoutukeha

By | 1 August 2017

like egypt opoutukeha’s fate
was never written in the stars
it was writ on a piece o park
in grey lynn by a kahawai
the gardener dug up in the dirt
a goddam miracle memory
in soil unstoppable steak
silver-wet & whatta girl
her flip-flapping tail all
tenacious in the earth
this kahawai tried to turn
the light back on she did
gleaming the gardener said
she went like wwow! wit her
fireworks while the dusk was
failing showt the gardner the
everythink even da shadows n
his shed where he’d hung her
high (his trophy fish) on the
wall so he cd hear her sing
(and she sang sweet):
remember how i bathed
youse nourisht youse
fed youse all till you fartd
and now all i smell is
yr piss running warm
over my hauraki eels
fossilized stiff on the path
off williamson’s still
pointing the way bk 2 okā pā
quarried way off the radar

they were my friends

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