Warm all week

By | 13 May 2024

thanks for telling me

how to say hi and welcome

in Bundjalung

on my birthday

jingi walla

I kept it warm

in my mouth

all week

jingi walla

it was the only thing

that I could say

with all the killing

and the wanting to die

what should we eat?

let’s go to the supermarket, then the park

let’s cook dinner and watch a movie

let’s got to the pickets and the rallies

did you see my queen on the kayak

stopping the boat?

did you hear our queen speak of love

of the love of the Yemeni houthis

stealing ships from the red sea?

did you see the bodies in the graves

wrapped in blue plastic?

what should we talk about?

let’s talk about Palestine

let’s talk about

our bodies and our clothes

our work and our homes

let’s keep teaching

let’s keep learning

how to say


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