Eva Birch

Eva Birch is a writer living in Melbourne on Woi Wurrung country. She has published her poetry and essays in min report, Cordite Poetry Review, Sick Leave, Codette, Scum Mag, Dissect Journal, and Un. Magazine, among others. Her first chapbook Megalodon was published in 2019 by SOd press.

Red Scare

i. The little fascist in me is crushing that little flower, Earlier Me, who jumped the train gates illegally. My crotch was a hinge I couldn’t feel to get me through. Don’t tell anyone it touched the metal. Don’t daddy, …

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Gotta Eat

My colleague is feeding chopped up snakes to the snakes on the conveyor belt. Kind of insane, labour’s a redundancy, kindness really good insanity. Somewhere, the boss releases his spine for the first time. She picks up a fang and …

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The Last Time

i. I feel like me and Nic might still have sex I used to think Why? I Why? I… That little girl It goes Ran down the grassy hill Eluded by it, a snake A furthering bike stand It did …

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