Car Wash Reiki

By | 13 May 2024

When all hope is lost
can I recommend
a ten dollar self-care session
(who can afford more
than that in this day + age)
The therapy of cleanliness
next to goodliness
already has a lot to say for itself
so when life is a blur
through smeared windscreen
when you are grimed by sap
and the daily accumulation
of dirt and muck and dust
(on your car’s duco
– but read that as you may)
drive between the car wash rails
sink into your seat
wait for the machine’s
low hum

Then it is a bubble bath
for the qui
Trapped for eight minutes
(by the watch
– your phone is turned off)
encapsulated in time + space
Mind free to let go
its grinding reign
as blue rollers cover you
up and over
sending vibrations
pounding against your chest
Believe me – such blessed release
as you sit embraced
in this slow moving
Cookie Monster hug
When hot air is just hot air
the deepest wounds heal well
sealed under warm jets of wax

Now start your engine
drive on drive on into the day

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