Aubade of the repaired spine

By | 13 May 2024

It’s nearly dawn.
Pain, against my will,
makes me a bore
giving too many details over the phone.
There’s a loneliness to it
though it’s the most common thing
in the world.

At least it’s brought me this stillness.
I stare out the window
to watch the world form
grey shapes from blackness.

Pain triages my life.
It clarifies friends,
resets me to family, food,
loved one, meds.

The early news is full of it.
Pain much worse than mine
written on faces in Gaza,
faces in Ukraine.

Some pain is hard to learn from.
But this has taught me about the Other,
to reach into the fragile stuff
from which we’re made.

Saying goodbye to pain is such treasure.
With repaired spine to sit once more
beside you in the kitchen, to simply
talk and laugh
and brew some coffee on the stove.

How slow I’ve been to speak of joy.
But I now find it here, pouring in the window
with the light under the grapevine.

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