By | 1 March 2017

This curvy horse
will gallop in your dreams.

The fruit so fat,
the watermelon splits
with its own weight.

Can that parrot even fly?
The squishy hands
pluck the strings of the guitar?

The dancers’ heft
makes a slow music.

Family portraits:
the baby adults
hold adult babies,
cross-eyed, porcine.

Nudes with thighs so thick
and pubis small;
oblate bronze
pleading for touch.

Franco like a weird uncle
dressing up and watching himself
in the mirror.

This references several sculptures and paintings by Colombian artist Fernando Botero,
including ‘Horse’, ‘Still life with Fruit’, ‘Guitarra’, ‘The Dancers’, ‘The Pinzon Family’,
‘Odalisque’, ‘Franco’.

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