Before & After

By | 13 May 2024

There are the pork sausages
$4.99 for 500 grams.
Then there’s the BBQ pack
1.8 kg for $9.99.
The sausages in the BBQ pack are a funny pink colour
a plasticine pink.
The ingredients list beef, lamb and chicken as 71%.
No pork.
Pork sausages are the superior sausage.
Before children
Saturday afternoons were pork sausages on the BBQ
a couple of imported beers
and then an afternoon nap on the couch
in front of a lifestyle show about renovating houses.
after a visit to Bunnings
with children
who are hypnotised by the smells of the sausage sizzle
and the sight of people eating sausages in white bread
it’s a decision between pork sausages
$4.99 for 7
and plasticine sausages
$9.99 for 24.
Really there is no decision
no choice
there are definitely no imported beers.

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