Better than to receive a treat, I would like to know the taste of a treat in someone else’s mouth

By | 13 May 2024

or in something else’s mouth. The musk
of a shrew in a snake’s jaw.
The scales

of a snake under the bobcat’s fangs.
The polio vaccine-saturated sugar
cube melting away

in a kid’s mouth. What glee, to receive,
on a six-faced, twelve-edged
convex polyhedron, sweetness,

not a needle in the ass. A fat
lie on the lips of the skinny minister.
Candy on Candy

Darling’s tongue. The stick
of a Blow Pop wedged in the gap
between her teeth as she walked in her tall

heels into the DeVern School of Cosmetology. So
on her deathbed. Oh,

her hair matched the yellow-white
pillow, and in her mouth,
a marshmallow.

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