Your Common Or Garden Mint

By | 13 May 2024

Beg a few inches of the white root and put it almost anywhere.
It is forgiving. Clings on. Goes underground if conditions are

extreme. Twines and twines and twines inside a pot. Throws out
runners if unchecked and seems to have no natural enemies. Once

you have got it you have got it for good. You can spare an inch
or two of the thrusting tendril for passers-by, sundry mint-less

persons. Nip a growing bud and crush it under your nose for the
health of it. What a squiffy scent! Perhaps that is their signal to

back off. And something went wrong and now it is a come-on.
Chop chop chop — and into a green salad. Frisky and enlivening.

Steeped in a skerrick of boiling water and a teaspoonful of sugar,
topped with vinegar — what a bitter herb to bless the leg of lamb.

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