Cucumis sativus parvus

By | 13 May 2024

I am eating a mini cucumber
and watching plants
perhaps it is cruel
that these plants can hear me
I am eating one of your brethren
food tastes like cardboard
but tiny cucumber is a feeling
yeehaw… meemhaw… squeehaw
sweet pea, when you next lift your head from your book
could you please fetch me another
tiny taste sensation texture explosion cucumber?

baby cucumbers: crunchy and juicy!
what will they think of next?
bonchy and booshy
they are so bouncy
each of their molecules
was made to carry h2o
do you think
they want to grow up
into pickles
little cornichons
no I believe
they are just nature’s hot dog
I would let a small cucumber smack me
you cannot describe it
you can only experience

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