1 December 2013
erupting in waves
against the sheets
the waves against the pink-
tinged sand
white canvas for setting sun
an exotic arc
terrane the
interior oceans like
that this used to be Australia
the Alabama

on the soles
all the organs together
all the organs
outlined in the hand

the map of the whole body
condensed to a fetus

remember to breathe
water breaking
sedimentary memory
of proximal continents

that I hardly remember it
learn to
bear down

curled in the ear,
like an ocean
the rush of
a small ocean

around a point
in the solar plexus

foreign to me,
my own memory
lodged in breath glottal

bodies in motion
bodies at rest

the new-born

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About Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith, founding editor of Foursquare and name magazines and libraries editor for Boog City, is the librarian for Indian Springs School in Birmingham, AL. She has authored numerous chapbooks including, most recently, mnemotechnics (above/ground press), and one book, Organic Furniture Cellar (Outside Voices). Her second book is forthcoming from Chax Press.


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