By | 1 December 2013

in the dia
ry of clean be
ginnings. gift of
ponder? you make
an entry. plas
tic beneath sheet.
listen to that
a line about
clouds. absent but
near? dialect
of cirrus. night
nurse moth. how
light goes sepi
a before rain.
beyond index.
augmented fourth
ache’s interval
hovers. the smell
of wet earth. all
your yesterdays.
resolving in
songs of loose pick
ets. heelless. how
the wind stole your
stories. slapping.
into unrhyme
sold them elsewhere.
cuff, swab. then lat
er. memory’s
pylons. much lat
er. fluky veins.
resolving out
how you find your
self. drips. stooped ov
er. neap tide. lap
ping at these same
lines. feeding you.
to scree of now
from a vast un
mapped. inland sea

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