lost art of pastels

By | 1 August 2017

you are invited to fish,
cast a mind out for hope
in five oceans, from one lush island

just a hook, a line, one sinker,
trawling through sly workings of turquoise
and dream, you, invited, fishing

under talc light from far flung moons,
lapped by erratic tides,
these five oceans, on one lush island

standing, sideways in water,
taking in ink blots, scribbles, veins
of thinkings, you, invited to fish

call it the lost art of pastels,
ponds of forget, deep hues of solace
in five oceans and on one lush island

but knee deep, waves in whisper,
hope tugs, hope runs, hope is but horizon
on five oceans and from one lush island
where you stand, invited, fishing

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