Playing Pool in New Zealand

By | 1 December 2013

I won pool today
with the ferocity
of a dolphin

I won pool today
in a place called
Lake Ferry
on the edge of
the world
against a wide lake
with a grey
gravel shore
and a beach ridge
of tiny stones
too dangerous
to swim off

the pool table
was in the tavern
that looked
over the sea

I ate fish in a
hamburger bun
so white
and fall-apart
I thought it would
melt into my hands
and I drank
black beer
with a kiwi bird logo
on the side
of the barrel

I won pool in a bar
where the music
was all 80s hits
and the patrons
were old fisherman
wandered in
from shacks
along the road
and where
there was just one
table of tourists
sampling a
bottle of wine
from the region

I shot those balls
like a dolphin
gulping minnows

underneath a silver
swinging drop light
the taste of sea water
in my mouth
light beams
dancing on the
green surface
as the jukebox played
its own choices

and outside in the sun
my skin burned

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