The Messiah

1 December 2013

Somewhere within the reaches of the horizon
beyond the curtains of the South Eastern Highlands
I am space.
Devonian sandstones serpentinite rocks that shock
reduce to tiny particles under a microscope
I am a prisoner in a note of truth
Exploding drone pipe attack of the didgeridoo
Tangelo yellow blue bright blood dark
Scattered with glitter! Stark
Down to earth I walk among Dreamers
like saints in the midst of a rabble
in the quest for sanctity
Streams flow underneath my boots
harvesting angels draped in leafy pearls and flowery tongues
twisted around gasping chimneys of the modern city that clutter my mind
I degenerate and devolve and climax
into one
Even before I was
I am
And where I will be
I already was.

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