Peppermint and Ivy

By | 1 December 2013
in process: breathe out
completely don’t tense
don’t squeeze
and here you thought
this very best part
of you was
don’t kick your leg keep
was temperance
keep your cheek to stock
and moderation
become the life you
are taking—let them move you
close one eye
the muzzle lifts—you speak
neither of you know when
this intimacy comes but you
both let
hummingbird or tether
ball it’s not your choice
now Voit you must under
stand that you fly-twist around
the fixed point of the snap
dragons. Your feathers
your feathers are like
the downy fur of the
tomb guardian cat
you spherical beak—your
skin has been known
to break noses invisible
wings a fist two people
toe to toe nectared kiss
and the thrumming throat
girls sing song through
the cloven foot horned man
lifts his snout
points god’s finger
the twirling rope your whole
life is jumprope
let us drink.
To a happy war
corespondant & a hang
after Sean Waer hit me
in the face with the rotary
I will never forget what
children are capable of
Remember Ender’s Game?
There were whole days
contemplating grass
and leaves.Later
the mouth of a bottle turned
upside down lilies
dirt & sweet dript
we found a home in the ribbed
cage in the cross hares dript
on the merry go round
we spin how two bodies
two bodies mergemergeon the merry go round
happy! Happy Chiasma
the peppermint
the peppermint of ivory
and blood peppermint gently
the peppermint of ivory &
blood gently licking usout
of existence the spin
spinning O the spinning
Happygently O Happy.

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