Pieman Heads

By | 31 October 2021

I try not to bring impressions with me
as we step from the boat
the ‘SHE’, Miss Arcadia II
connects us with new journeys
even if our touching
irked the helmsman

pissed up over the sand dunes
among skeletons still standing
and countless pairs of feet
Djon said this continent’s
first portraits were marked in sand
used to tell community by their soles

breakers quaked like an old TV
the spray was waking me up
at the end of the bar I spear-kissed you hard
wondering again if i’m too much
do you think all my self-evidence in landscape
is a bit of a bore? My instructions to look at this stick?

Here could be the final outpost of the world
where infinity or futures come to die
the government’s need for nuclear narcissism
‘old friends’ shaking hands with turned backs
Marsden taught us threat in the wrong people
would he approve of making love here?

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