Cher Tan

Bad Naturalisations

So why bring Veronica Forrest-Thomson into a discussion of Asian Australian poetry? There are a couple of circumstantial coincidences: she was born in British Malaya (her father was a rubber planter) and found an able and sympathetic expositor in the Australian poet Martin Harrison, who gave a 1979 ABC Radio talk on Poetic Artifice.

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Submission to Cordite 107: LIMINAL

Liminal and Cordite are seeking poems by Asian Australian writers.

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House Style Lifestyle, Or: Same. Same. Same. Same. Same. Same.

Image by Lauren Connelly. 3920 words. 22-minute read. Welcome to the world of snackable content. Listen closely: like an ambient soundscape, its soft tides wash over you and you devour it quickly. Sometimes, it repeats an opinion you’ve already developed, …

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