Jini Maxwell

Jini Maxwell is a writer, poet and creative producer based in Naarm. They are interested in playful approaches to artmaking, and especially in artistic and experimental videogames. They work as games content lead for Screenhub, contribute regular videogame reviews to The Saturday Paper and tweet about manta rays @astroblob.

GAME Editorial

As we write this, we are living in cities that are both in lockdown. Our days see us bouncing from one device to another, room to room to room.

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Submission to Cordite 102: GAME

A game is an environment navigated by apparent rules and structured by invisible rules. All of these (and the game) can be broken if you know where to look.

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Get Ready with Me: 6 Poems by Jini Maxwell

in the record of another time zone / perfection is inevitable – we are waiting

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a clown car named desire

spending a summer afternoon eating a box of cherries in bed is arguably a very sexy thing to do unlike drinking red bull in the shower, which is the other meal i had today writing a love poem is like …

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bay city plaza

six am: sea intervening fog. Ropes slick round the cleats in their binds and the dock sits, sunk like an old dog. They say a good body is hard to find. It’s seven now. I’ve had braver days. Last night, …

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The Closet Opens by Degrees

This is the year I make reparations to my sixteen-year-old self. I am closing every Messenger window, burning her school kilt, and letting the wool smoke choke everyone. I am retreading sixteen like a warpath: I demand to be kissed …

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How to treat your ghosts:

It’s not the case that we can’t seal it in; we can contain them. I dust the rafters and pour your cereal. You drink tisane, always something with peppermint. When it starts, we coast around their moaning tides quite gently, …

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