Jini Maxwell

Jini Maxwell makes sincere, playful work. They co-edit The Lifted Brow, and previously co-directed National Young Writers Festival. You can find them on Twitter @astroblob.

Get Ready with Me: 6 Poems by Jini Maxwell

in the record of another time zone / perfection is inevitable – we are waiting

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a clown car named desire

spending a summer afternoon eating a box of cherries in bed is arguably a very sexy thing to do unlike drinking red bull in the shower, which is the other meal i had today writing a love poem is like …

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bay city plaza

six am: sea intervening fog. Ropes slick round the cleats in their binds and the dock sits, sunk like an old dog. They say a good body is hard to find. It’s seven now. I’ve had braver days. Last night, …

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The Closet Opens by Degrees

This is the year I make reparations to my sixteen-year-old self. I am closing every Messenger window, burning her school kilt, and letting the wool smoke choke everyone. I am retreading sixteen like a warpath: I demand to be kissed …

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How to treat your ghosts:

It’s not the case that we can’t seal it in; we can contain them. I dust the rafters and pour your cereal. You drink tisane, always something with peppermint. When it starts, we coast around their moaning tides quite gently, …

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