Lou Garcia-Dolnik


We came about this issue’s theme by dumping loved words into a shared document: nouns, verbs, phrases and onomatopoeia that stirred a shared love of intimacy with language, of play and tricksterism.

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And Sunday sinks its heathen summers into the kneecaps of the expropriate wicked / kain na tayo! / having genuflected hours for a piece of motherfucking bread isang bagsak, anak! the concrete moves you! marking devotions this morning to chismis …

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Submission to Cordite 108: DEDICATION

This issue asks for your devotions, your gestures of esteem and affection, your hot takes on the solemn and fanatical. It delights in submissions seeking abandonment and surrender to a goal or cause.

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Citations: poems by Lou Garcia-Dolnik

Aubade I am overextended. The poem forgets me but the city says here. Image. Lights unbury the bodies of abandoned bicycles. The river architecting assembly lines of women forgetting their boyfriends. Somewhere a rave I’m not invited to. The distended …

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