Nadia Rhook

the midwife

in a tent pitched in a corner of the deck you lit wax candles soaked sponges with liquor infused hot water with chamomile and hartshorn pointed her to the stool held it still while she squatted and her baby, through …

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maar bidi: Carving Sovereignty and Desire in Indigenous Youth Storytelling

Academia has inherited a long history of non-Indigenous people speaking for Indigenous people.

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Architecture, Poetry and Impressions of a Bendigo Chinese Doctor, James Lamsey

What have architecture and poetry got to do with property? This is a core question in the poetry collection ‘signs of impression’, which explores the operation of possession in a settler colonial context.

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signs of impression

design I see iron, wrapped, to posts windows-snuggle-triangles, a hose, draped, on concrete-lion’s-prowl the verandah … keeps bricks-from-climbing grass this asymmetry keeps its rhythm main house horse way servants’ quarter cemented-lion-centre and that church over the road? isn’t far away …

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