Melissa Lucashenko

maar bidi: Carving Sovereignty and Desire in Indigenous Youth Storytelling

Academia has inherited a long history of non-Indigenous people speaking for Indigenous people.

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Introduction to John Mukky Burke’s Late Murrumbidgee Poems

John Mukky Burke – one of my favourite philosophers – is the most underrated poet in Australia. His usual lacerating intelligence and empathy are here in this sensational collection, but ‘exuberance’ is the word that keeps occurring to me as I read. Burke is a poet who, in maturity, has shed many masks and is the better for it.

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चौथी दुनिया | Fourth World

Translated from the English to the Hindi by Rekha Rajvanshi गूरी लड़की, क्यों बैठी हो होठों पर चुप लगाए अपनी आँखों में जाने क्या रहस्य छिपाए? पूरी दुनिया के लोग मारपीट में लगे हैं एक दूसरे को ठगे हैं तुम …

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Numinbah Valley in Spring

In the Yugambeh there exist three genders: male, female, and a gender used specifically to refer to trees. Twenty thousand moons shone here upon the People and twenty thousand more before that showed themselves crystal in the rushing streams flanked …

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