John Mukky Burke

Introduction to John Mukky Burke’s Late Murrumbidgee Poems

John Mukky Burke – one of my favourite philosophers – is the most underrated poet in Australia. His usual lacerating intelligence and empathy are here in this sensational collection, but ‘exuberance’ is the word that keeps occurring to me as I read. Burke is a poet who, in maturity, has shed many masks and is the better for it.

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Old Scores: An Occasional Poem for Girrilang

Translated from the English to the Malayalam by Manarkkal Dasan aq¶ncp]Xm­pw ]ns¶mcp]¯pw? Po³ ]dªp hm¡pIfpsSsbmcp hoXw sh¡Âþ ]ns¶….. Ah D]tbmKn¡q \o ihsa! sshIrXsat¶m? AsX, Hcpthf kXyamhmw IfhpamImw, Po\ns\¡mÄ {]ikvX\msbmcmÄ XÀ¡n¨p. F´mWv kXyw? hnävK³ ss̳ ]dªp ‘kwKXn F´pXs¶bmbmepw’ AbmÄ ]dªXv icnbmhmw. …

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