John Mukky Burke

Mukky was born in Narrandera of and Irish father and a Wiradjuri mother. He lives in Wagga Wagga and was given to pondering the Wagga City Council's dynamiting of the well over 100 year old Hampden Bridge that used to cross the Murrumbidgee. This bridge inspired my first novel, Bridge of Triangles. Naturally he was devastated at such a disappearing trick!

Introduction to John Mukky Burke’s Late Murrumbidgee Poems

John Mukky Burke – one of my favourite philosophers – is the most underrated poet in Australia. His usual lacerating intelligence and empathy are here in this sensational collection, but ‘exuberance’ is the word that keeps occurring to me as I read. Burke is a poet who, in maturity, has shed many masks and is the better for it.

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Old Scores: An Occasional Poem for Girrilang

Translated from the English to the Malayalam by Manarkkal Dasan aq¶ncp]Xm­pw ]ns¶mcp]¯pw? Po³ ]dªp hm¡pIfpsSsbmcp hoXw sh¡Âþ ]ns¶….. Ah D]tbmKn¡q \o ihsa! sshIrXsat¶m? AsX, Hcpthf kXyamhmw IfhpamImw, Po\ns\¡mÄ {]ikvX\msbmcmÄ XÀ¡n¨p. F´mWv kXyw? hnävK³ ss̳ ]dªp ‘kwKXn F´pXs¶bmbmepw’ AbmÄ ]dªXv icnbmhmw. …

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Some Lines for Reading

Adelaide River War Cemetery Bones of Polly Mop or Mine below the last plaque on the grass. Blasted into death, there’s now no flesh but her still fresh name has stopped me. Fourteen runes I read ‘POLLY MOP OR MINE’. …

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