Nadia Rhook

Nadia Rhook is is a Melbourne-based historian and writer. In 2016, she curated the City of Melbourne heritage exhibition 'Moving Tongues', and she’s published in international and local journals including Postcolonial Studies and Peril Magazine. She's currently writing a book about the linguistic politics of Asian migration in colonial Victoria.

Architecture, Poetry and Impressions of a Bendigo Chinese Doctor, James Lamsey

What have architecture and poetry got to do with property? This is a core question in the poetry collection ‘signs of impression’, which explores the operation of possession in a settler colonial context.

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signs of impression

design I see iron, wrapped, to posts windows-snuggle-triangles, a hose, draped, on concrete-lion’s-prowl the verandah … keeps bricks-from-climbing grass this asymmetry keeps its rhythm main house horse way servants’ quarter cemented-lion-centre and that church over the road? isn’t far away …

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