Elena Gomez

Elena Gomez is a poet and editor who lives in Melbourne.

‘The amorphousness of meaning-making’: Elena Gomez Interviews Toby Fitch

I did write some poetry at school, just never with much intent.

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Introduction to Elena Gomez’s Body of Work

There’s a difference between occupying a seemingly unceasing parade of subject positions through a kind of colonising, thieving, dissipatory borderlessness … and inhabiting them as a form of aesthetic and political revolt.

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nine minutes two seconds

—: ‘she’ll stay in the sea’ —[ seeing does irreparable damage] although a person impossibly revisits or reveals some aggressive healing what we did not see <who the strongest> the eye or cease to focus or ‘peer intensely’ how a …

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Elena Gomez Interviews Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson is a Philly jawn now living in Brooklyn and a soon to be psychotherapist for all your gooey psychotic episodes that match the bipolar flows of capital. She spends her time thinking about sexy things like psychosis, desire and freedom.

I met Jasmine in New York earlier this year where she spoke as part of a panel with Commune Editions editors Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover and Jasper Bernes, about activism and poetry. Her chapbook Drapetomania (Commune Editions) had me in its grip and I wanted to find out more from Jasmine about the themes in her poetry and work as an activist, and the way those two aspects of her practice reproduce each other.

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not before and not after

a bone white linen jumpsuit hangs in the corner of my lush pad it spits up crude reproductions of ink  samples but you remember its    scent you know you must ward off  its digi vomit stains which transfer  to other materials like your skin …

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Elena Gomez Interviews Kate Durbin

Kate Durbin is an LA-based poet, performance artist and teacher. Her work often explores performances of gender, femininity, celebrity and labour. She has written books of poems, including her most recent, E! Entertainment.

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Elena Gomez Interviews Jahan Ramazani

From opposite sides of the world (east coasts of USA and Australia respectively), US scholar Jahan Ramazani and I began an email correspondence, before meeting face-to-face while he was in Sydney for the AMSN2: Transnational Modernisms Conference in December 2014, where he delivered a keynote address.

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soma dear

watched attentive on yolky salute on velocity so much honest living make this city howl like when he left her to bleed in the school what is trying and what is not a hostage stole something that was a bear …

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